ST Investigación y Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Informáticas (ST Idea, S.A.) is a company which core business is the design, analysis and development of different type of applications, IT and communication solutions. The company was created by Grupo Sociedad de Tasación in 2001 with the goal of diversifying its activity and of having an IT company which would assure quality IT products and services to the group companies and to the global market. The company was created with the support of highly qualified professionals with vast experience in the Information and Communication Technology Market.

Since its creation in 2001 the company has developed products and services for prestigious companies and organizations in national and international markets. ST idea has been involved in IT projects within the Real Estate, Financial and Energy Sectors; Sectors on which the company has experimented professionals.

ST Idea, belongs to "Grupo Sociedad de Tasación", formed by ST Idea and the following companies:

  • ST Sociedad de Tasación. Company which operates in the appraisal and valuation market, being its core business real estate valuations.
  • ST Consultores Inmobiliarios. Company which offers independent services and is specialized in real estate consultancy, asset management and expert technical analysis,

Additionally The group operates in international markets through its international division